Home Health Care


Our goal at Alabama Payroll Services is to make your administrative responsibilities easier to manage so that you can focus more adequately on patient care. Our software interface system and Live help Support services provide the help to streamline your payroll processing management and human resources needs. Our team has the knowledge and expertise required to keep you compliant with the latest State & Federal laws and regulations for tax filing and deduction purposes.

Complete Solutions For The Home Health Care Business

When you partner with Alabama Payroll Services, there are no restrictions or extra charges to run payroll multiple times each month. Plus, it is entirely up to you whether you pay your home health care staff by check or direct deposit. Not all of the services we analyzed offered direct deposit for household workers. We will also manage the Social Security and Medicare calculations and deductions, as well as state and federal unemployment taxes. Your APS payroll professional will also complete your tax forms and file them for you! Yes, we even make the tax payments.

Alabama Payroll Services guarantees that your taxes will be filed accurately and on time. On the way-off chance we make an error or interest fees are incurred, it’s on us.

By Choosing to Partner with APS you find that it will include:

  • Dedicated Live Customer Service Team available 24/7
  • Convenient, Flexible input methods – Any Device, Anytime, Anywhere
  • Concise, easy to read management and payroll reports specifically customized for the Healthcare industry
  • Multiple systems designed to capture your data in real-time and electronically feed it into our payroll system, such as our GPS time tracking tool.
  • Garnishment payment services for pay deductions
  • Electronic new hire reporting, e-verify, background checks
  • Federal and state tax deposits & filing, tax payments, and deductions

Our experience in Healthcare payroll processing, combined with our dedicated customer service can save you time and money while letting you focus on the care of your agency’s patients.

Your local payroll company that allows you to focus on the revenue producing task of running your small business