Complete Payroll Solutions

payroll reporting

Reporting & Analytics

Quick access to standard reports such as labor distribution, 401(k) and more will free up your time, so you can focus on valuable analysis and strategy.

Pre-built Affordable Care Act reporting

The Affordable Care Act has numerous requirements that affect employers. You'll have access to online reports that will help to keep you compliant, including affordability and eligibility for health coverage.

Visual dashboards to view trends

Quickly generate meaningful insights from all of your employee data to see historical labor trends and predict future outcomes. Charts include average length of service, employees paid per month, and total compensation by month and by

Add formulas to predict growth and trends

Designed for customization, you can build your own calculated columns in this tool — using formulas you create, to deliver data that syncs up perfectly with your business needs.

Report scheduling

Create reports you like and then schedule them to run on autopilot. You can elect the reports you want to run, when you want them to happen and who should get the results (your CPA for instance). It will all happen automatically.

Employee engagement reporting

You can track employee birthdays, anniversaries and even your employees' favorite type of ice cream. Report on this employee data at any time to keep your organization connected to its people.

Total compensation reporting

Give employees and new recruits a document that tells the whole story of their compensation. You can quickly pull together total compensation packages on an individual basis that include everything from health care

Your local payroll company that allows you to focus on the revenue producing task of running your small business