Alabama Payroll Systems - We hit the Nail on the head with Construction Payroll!

Construction Companies are unique and complex for their business sector. APS will help you maintain and remain compliant with the regulations that are expected of from the Industry. We will streamline your payroll processing that is exclusive to the construction industry. 

Our accounting wizards are exceptionally skilled and unequivocal with years of combined experience when it comes to running construction’s payroll. No matter the size of the company, big or small, you can count on the tasks getting done with Alabama Payroll Services. Nothing will be left unaccounted for. Every transaction will be documented on the books, and managed correctly. 

When you have us that you can rely on to ensure that all of this done right. Then you can turn your attention to more important tasks and focus on the current building project that needs to be completed before the deadline or focus on getting the next project lined up. 

Whenever you need to know what your cash flow is or where your company stands on finances. All that is needed to do is to log into our platform and their you can view all of the numbers that you need to know. Everything from Expense totals to sales totals and anything in between them is all at your fingertips with a few clicks of a button.

What makes us different than the rest?

APS keeps our staff up to date on all of construction’s payroll processing intricacies. Including what the hourly wages, benefits and union wage reporting guidelines are, comply with federal contract regulations are for a certified payroll processor, and all local, state and federal tax deductions regulations and withholding's that are in current time. 

No matter how big or small your construction business is, APS is the right choice for you. Our staff can manage companies of all sizes. Whether it's a small painting company or a large commercial construction firm. We have your back and will exceed your expectations for a payroll processor for your company! 

APS has the capability to perform tasks as such calculating payroll taxes, prepare and file 1099 forms, compile and send weekly accounting overview reports, and complete all other additional payroll tasks as necessary that is of individual client bases. 

By partnering with APS for the processing of your construction company’s payroll you will be allowing the free up of the time it takes for you to do your payroll with. Which will allow you to focus on the tasks that are more revenue generating for your company and for making sure that projects get completed. Thus allowing your business for growth.

Here are some of the Advantages you will get by partnering with APS:

  • ACCESS and run your payroll from anywhere and any device 24/7
  • EDIT/ADD EMPLOYEES information and update earning and deduction codes
  • EASY TO USE platform for managing and tracking payroll from anywhere, anytime, any device. Get real-time reporting on payroll activity and the status. Simple to use interface that allows you to see up-to-date information on company’s bookkeeping records. 
  • SAFE-GUARD all of the company’s important data. It will be protected against hackers and other virus that could have a negative impact on the company if it reaches the wrong person’s hands. 
  • UNLIMITED Live Support anytime you may need it. 
  • EFFICIENCY & INTEGRATION by partnering with APS for all of your payroll and tax filing service needs and any other small business services. You will benefit from our speed and simplicity that comes from using our single data solutions from us being a single provider. We can easily connect your payroll data and functions with other vital areas, such as HR management along with our time/attendance solutions.
  • STRESS FREE PAYROLL TAXES Our company strives to make it simple and easy for you when it comes to payroll tax filing, new hire reporting, e-verify, state unemployment insurance management, labor law poster compliance and much more.


Just as easy as it is to trip over a board on the jobsite, is the same as easy as it is to get your payroll processing done with us. 

The only part that you are required to do for us, in order to get your payroll done for the pay period. Is to simply punch in a few numbers, double check it, and then click submit. You can do so from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. After this is done, we can take it from their. Nothing else will be needed from you. Payroll is done for the pay period and your worry-free from the rest. 

You will come to know and will have a peace of mind by knowing that we are focused on helping you run your payroll quickly with accuracy - every time. Free from errors and mistakes. Which allows you to focus on your projects and employees more efficiently. 

Your local payroll company that allows you to focus on the revenue producing task of running your small business